Friday, December 25, 2009

What if you can not pay your Personal Loan EMI in time ?

This is the question that arises in the minds of the debters who can not manage to pay their EMI.
here is a good news for your, just be relax and don't worry.
if you can not pay your EMI, banks will not behind you because they have many obligation to ask the customer for payment.
Banks representatives can not force you any way.
If you will not pay many EMIs, they may finally go to court but they can not do something illeagally.
If you have missed a couple of EMIs you don't need to worry. Just relax and enjoy.


  1. Good news, not like the other evil banks that try to take away our money at any chances.

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  3. Sir,

    I have taken Rs.50,000 personaloan with Central Bank of India in the year 2008 with a pay back period of 36 months. I have missed few emi's, but my lender bank ie central bank manager is pressing me to pay back the missed emi's. Since my tenure expires on 2011, I will pay back the missed emi's during 2011. I like to know whether it is unlawful.


  4. i was not be able to pay my emi due to some problems,as i was not having a job in my hand for say 11 these people are thretening me that they will drag me to the court.what should i do.please help.gaurav.